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FLAGSHIP has been formed by three organisations which were founded in Leeds to support vulnerable young people, the homeless and ex-offenders. GIPSIL is the lead agency delivering and managing the contract with delivery partners Turning Lives Around and Foundation. Between us, we have almost 100 years’ experience of working with excluded groups in Leeds and a deep commitment to working in partnership with Leeds City Council, statutory and third sector agencies to address the issues faced by young people at risk, young offenders, care leavers and teenage parents.

Each of the organisations will lead on service delivery to young people at risk in one area of the city: GIPSIL in East North East, TLA in Aire Valley Homes and Foundation in West North West. The three partners will take the strategic lead for each of these areas: enhancing strong working relationships with key agencies, officers and forums; developing best practice and joint working arrangements.

These organisations bring specialisms in working with Care Leavers, Teenage Parents, BME communities, victims of domestic violence & sexual exploitation, Young Offenders and substance use. GIPSIL’s Engagement and Welfare Advice Service which holds the Advice Quality Standard.

FLAGSHIP’s move on strategy for the services is to ensure that YP are able to move to appropriate accommodation within 6 months. This helps YP and staff to focus, from assessment onwards, on the support needed to equip YP with the skills needed for successful independent living. The triage approach on entry to the service helps identify and tackle immediate needs including resolving issues that threaten young people’s ability to access tenancies including,

  • Ensuring the young people has an active housing application with prospective landlords
  • Ensuring that former tenant arrears owed to prospective landlords are either written off or a repayment agreement is in place.
  • Ensuring that previous anti-social behaviour issues are addressed with the young people
  • Ensuring that young people achieve the right priority status on Leeds Housing Register and understand the implications of their priority status
  • Ensuring that under the Housing Options Move On Protocol for Care Leavers, young people are awarded backdated Priority Status and understand their option to defer it
  • Ensuring that young people understand how to bid for properties through CBL and are able to access the internet to do so
  • Ensuring young people are aware of accommodation available with Private Landlords

Our triage assessment will also ensure that:

  • Young people are referred to appropriate services within the FLAGSHIP Partnership, eg Mediation
  • There is pre-tenancy support to enable planned moves into trainer flats
  • Young people without accommodation needs are referred to the Floating Support service
  • Young people without housing support needs are signposted to more appropriate provision
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Referral and Assessment

  • A triage approach on referral to the service to identify and tackle immediate needs including resolving issues that threaten young person’s ability to access tenancies
  • A comprehensive needs and risk assessment will be carried out with the YP involving other agencies & individuals as agreed with the YP
  • We work positively with risk and do not operate blanket exclusions. We use our risk management policy & procedures to proactively work with risk issues on an individual basis
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Flexible, person-centred service

  • Support Workers support young people through the pathway; pre-tenancy, trainer flat and floating support.
  • We have a single city-wide helpline through which YP in crisis can access advice & support, including Support
  • Workers physically attending when appropriate
  • Support Workers can be contacted by phone, text or email
  • Support Workers are based across a range of venues which are near trainer flats, close to bus routes and already known as a source of support to YP in each area
  • YP can access support through flexible appointment, drop-in & co-location with other services
  • Staff will hot desk at partner agencies and across consortium bases to maximise reach to YP
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Support Planning

  • YP are supported to achieve their individual goals using a range of support planning tools according to the YP’s own learning style
  • A programme of structured practical activities organised within the 5 areas of the Every Child Matters framework with each of the YPs outcomes broken down into a series of manageable goals
  • Tailored to the YP’s circumstances and setting and monitoring person-centred, outcome focussed and SMART goals
  • Regular reviews are carried out as well as being triggered in response to a change in need or risks
  • A schedule of regular meetings with the YP to develop, monitor and review progress combined with assertive outreach
  • Additional support by co-ordinating with other agencies such as YOS or Children’s Services is available for YP with complex needs
  • Disengagement procedure – services have a disengagement procedure with the aim of avoiding YP’s disengaging with support in an unplanned way
  • The Partnership will offer YP second and third chances – YP have the chance to learn from mistakes with the safety net of being able to reconnect with support or access alternative services.
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Trainer Flats

All trainer flats will be allocated on six-month Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs). An individual move on plan will be drawn up with each YP as part of support planning. Whilst living in the trainer flat, the young person will receive support to develop their independent living skills and to identify suitable longer term move on accommodation. This will include assisting young people with understanding the housing options available to them, particularly in the light of current and future benefit restrictions.

We will ensure that young people have a realistic understanding of the available housing options whilst recognising that ensuring young people are in the right area and right property for them is crucial to maximising successful outcomes. The move on plan will ensure that young people are supported to access suitable longer term accommodation including support to bid for properties online. It will also ensure that YP moving out of trainer flats into unfurnished accommodation are able to access essential items of furniture and that all young people moving on either access local welfare assistance or receive a starter pack of essential items e.g. crockery, cutlery, bedding etc. To maximise the potential for effective long term resettlement we will begin work to link young people with ongoing sources of support in the community where they will be rehoused.

FLAGSHIP ensures there is understanding of the rights and responsibilities of being a tenant, and helps prepare a young person for independent living. Covering the following topics

  • Housing options & positive transitions
  • Know your community
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Tenancy management
  • Welfare benefits
  • Bills & utilities
  • Staying safe & being healthy
  • Recycling, energy saving, saving money
  • Protection from abuse
  • Respect your community
  • Sexual health & contraception


Securing & Sustaining Tenancies.
Employment Training & Education.
Inclusion and Engagement.

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Associated Services

FLAGSHIP Commissioners

FLAGSHIP is commissioned by Leeds City Council and Leeds Children’s Social Work Services. We have been working

FLAGSHIP Stakeholders & Associated Services

Stakeholders are anyone who could be affected by the activity of an organisation, in this case FLAGSHIP. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations.
Here are city wide stakeholders interested in what FLAGSHIP does

FLAGSHIP has 150 units of accommodation across Leeds.

These are the landlords FLAGSHIP work with

Leeds Homes 
Connect Housing 
Place for People 
Leeds Federated 
Sanctuary Housing 
Unity Housing 

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