You influenced my life more than anyone and you made me believe I could make it on my own!

This has been made anonymous

Dear Mark,

I want to tell you some things. I have  got an amazing promotion at work last month , I’m so happy and the bank approved our mortgage application today and I can’t stop thinking about Mary Seacole accommodation and my “homeless” days that’s how I’ve been fuelling my ambition. You influenced my life more than anyone and you made me believe I could make it on my own and I just want to thank you. I know you were just doing your job but at the time you was like a friend and a teacher to me when I didn’t have friends or family by my side and you always gave me the best advice.

I  just wanted to make sure you know how grateful I am to have had you in my life when I was at a very vulnerable stage. You’re a life saver. I won’t ever forget what you did for me. You deserve all good things!  THANK YOU

Sending positive vibes your way.

Female 21 (Received support from the Flagship Foundation service for 18 months 2014/15)

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Young people feeling safer at home.

Thanks to a Central Government grant distributed by Leeds City Council  young people living in trainer flats part of the young persons housing pathway are feeling safer and more secure. Thirteen properties received security enhancements fitted by Elevate a local social enterprise specialising in the maintenance of buildings used for supported housing. We will continue to look to make these improvements.

“Before my door could’ve have easily been kicked in but now it would be very hard for anyone to get in who I didn’t want to come in. Definitely feel safer when I go to sleep and my child can’t open them either, so we are both secure.” Young parent.

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JOB ALERT! Team Leader – Housing Support (Young People)

                    Job Alert

          Team Leader – Housing Support (Young People)

FLAGSHIP is the highly respected and successful consortia of GIPSIL, Leeds Housing Concern & Foundation, delivering the housing pathway for young people aged 16-24 in Leeds. This post is at the heart of service delivery being based with GIPSIL in East Leeds with both operational and managerial responsibilities. You will be working closely with the Housing Services Manager, frontline staff team and young people delivering all elements of housing support.

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~NEW~ FLAGSHIP Referral Number 0113 380 7633

                          Please can you spread the news far and wide! 

                         The new number to make a referral to us is 0113 380 7633

The old number is linked to our offices on Brander St, Gipton, staff there are moving to Gipton Fire Station.

Unfortunately we cannot keep the number and so reluctantly need to change it.

Our email is still the same

Thank you

Vicky & Rebecca

FLAGSHIP Hub Team   



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Tell Leeds City Council What You Need

Your housing Your support Your services

Leeds City Council are reviewing the housing and support services available to young people aged 16 to 25. Make sure you have your say about the services you need.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day 8th March

Calling young women aged 16-25 come and celebrate being a strong independent woman!

Archway Young Persons Resource Centre Wednesday 8th March between 1 and 3 pm.

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Young People’s Satisfaction Survey

What you said about the service….

Our Staff

We are both proud and pleased to see 94% of young people receiving the FLAGSHIP service thought the service received so far was great (68%) or good (26%).

Feedback on how our staff are performing and perceived by young people receiving a FLAGSHIP service is fundamental in how we measure our own performance. Staff are our greatest asset, who need investment, re-investment and reward as new challenges arise for example recognition of CSE, changes in local housing policy and national welfare reforms. Managers are responsible for the recruitment and development of high performing frontline staff ensuring talent is nurtured and good practice shared.

Your feedback gives reassurance we have staff who are displaying the right qualities we believe are integral to the FLAGSHIP personalised support service: empathy, approachability, responsiveness and reliability.

Support you received

The majority of you agreed (94%) you understood your support plan.

We asked if you would be happy to receive some support through group work. Only 42% of you said you would. This is important to understand on a number of levels; particularly where we place resources, expectations on attendance, increasing our understanding of this response.

Your suggestions for improvements

  • Would like more flexibility about times of visits and short notice contact.
  • If my support worker isn’t in why can I not have another one come and see me?
  • Improve standard of accommodation x 8
  • I do not like the point system, I don’t think it’s fair.
  • Longer support time.
  • Offer a laundrette facility.
  • Help with laundry – provide washing machines or service to help.
  • No age to referrals.
  • Be on time.
  • Offer over 25 support.
  • Quicker repairs and not left undone for months.
  • Maybe not take on as many cases at a time as then the waiting tenants become impatient.

More of the same please!

Overall you are satisfied with the service and we at FLAGSHIP are pleased with the results and the increased response rate. I feel this reflects the hard work by frontline staff, responsive managers and partnership working with stakeholders and partners across the FLAGSHIP consortium.

Here are a few of the comments

  • Feel more comfortable with FLAGSHIP support worker as have built up a relationship and I need to only explain things once to one person.
  • Flagship help me out with a lot of things that no one else could.
  • FLAGSHIP answer the phone or call back.
  • They listen to all my problems and really support me with almost everything.
  • A lot more understanding and give as much help as possible.
  • They get stuff done.
  • They have got me where I want to be now.
  • They help me get my own place and feel better in myself.
  • I have never really had the support that FLAGSHIP give me as the social workers never did what I wanted whereas FLAGSHIP listens to me more and do actions that benefit me.
  • More support, easy to talk to, helpful.
  • Right actions are performed fast, things are explained with more detail and precision.
  • I have received more help from FLAGSHIP compared to social services. I wait days for a call back from S.S. I get and immediate response from
  • FLAGSHIP and don’t have to wait for call backs.
  • FLAGSHIP are more understanding and helpful.
  • FLAGSHIP listens and provides support, I understand my support plan and have weekly appointments.
  • There’s more support and more reliable to get in touch and faster response such as receiving texts or information quicker.
  • FLAGSHIP provide regular contact.

The next survey will be conducted very soon.

Vicky Mansell
FLAGSHIP Services Coordinator
October 1st 2016

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